Charles Jonath

-Managing Member & Chief Numismatist 

Passionate about numismatics, I made my foray into coin collecting when I was only 8 years old, and always eager and willing to learn something new, Spending lots of time in a coin shop and attending coin shows, I grew up understanding the excitement that people feel when they are learning about coins.

Attending the Berklee College of Music and CRI, I studied both Music and Mathematics. I am equal parts creative and analytical, open to using whichever part of my mind I need to use to achieve the goal in front of me. This mindset has served me well as a business owner, facing a variety of challenges over the years. Through it all, I believe that the sincerity I bring to coin collecting has complemented the strategy that I have followed as an entrepreneur.

A third-generation collector, I come from a strong numismatic tradition. Mentored by multiple experts over the years, I have accrued a strong foundational knowledge in coin collecting. I worked previously as a market maker in bond derivatives, affording me deep insights into the financial world at large and enriching my view of coin collecting especially as a means of alternative investment. Between everything that I have learned on my own and everything that others have taught me, I am confident in my sense of the rare coin market and the trends that regularly tend to enter it and exit it and shape its prices. I am not interested in riding these trends to try to turn a quick profit, preferring instead to navigate coin collecting from a more value-oriented position.

The way that I see it, I am not a coin dealer but a collector who also happens to sell coins. Because of the large volume of coins that pass through my hands and my exceptional access to A+ deal flow, I run Vegas Coin Dealer and Bid Lux Auctions, which I hope to build into highly respected and dependable brand name in the world of coin collecting. Every coin I sell, I do so only to fund my ongoing collection efforts, enabling me to keep and evaluate the coins that I have come into because of personal relationships and sometimes auctions that their estimates I believe to be undervalued on the market.

The network that I have developed over the years, both due to my professional life and my personal and family relationships, is extensive, and it is a key driving factor in the consistency with which I come into rare coins. Bringing me immense joy every day, coin collecting is a pursuit unlike any other, connecting us with the past and affording us a glimpse into those who came before us – people who used money of their own and lived lives of their own. In every coin, there is a story, and that is what I love about them.

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